What to Do When Being Sued for Credit Card Debt

What to Do when Being Sued for Credit Card DebtWhat to Do when Being Sued for Credit Card Debt

If you have defaulted on your outstanding credit card debt, you have likely been served a summons by your local civil court after several unsuccessful collection attempts by the company. Once you have been served, you must respond by preparing a summons answer by the date stated in the paperwork.

While you could hire an attorney at an hourly rate, which could cost you hundreds of dollars and several days, you can also prepare an answer using a summons response template. You can find such a template on specialty sites such as SummonsResponse.com, designed to help individuals complete this process on their own at a fraction of the cost and time involved with hiring an attorney. This can be particularly helpful in wrongful suits or in situations where it simply isn’t necessary to invest a significant amount of money in defense. It is however, always a good idea to consult with a licensed attorney.

Once you have downloaded the appropriate summons response template, you need to file it along with any required fees with the respective court by the deadline stated within the served paperwork.

Where Can I Find a Summons Response Form?

Where Can I Find a Summons Response FormWhere Can I Find a Summons Response Form?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply log onto the civil court’s primary website, type in the type of lawsuit you are involved in and the required forms needed to fight the case would simply appear? While this would be ideal, it isn’t the norm, leaving many individual defendants feeling frustrated and out of options. If you can’t find the summons response form on the court’s website, where can it be found?

There is an option available to defendants looking to file a summons answer without spending hundreds of dollars. Service platforms such as SummonsResponse.com provide the necessary summons response template and any additional court forms upon completion of a provided questionnaire at a fraction of the cost an attorney would charge. Once the required forms have been downloaded and completed, the defendant can file them with the court along with any applicable fees.

Where Can I Find the Forms to Answer a Summons?

Summons Response Answer FormWhere Can I Find the Forms to Answer a Summons?

If you have been served with a court summons, the next step is preparing your answer. In order to do this properly, you will need to fill out all relevant forms for the court. Where can you find the forms required to answer a summons?

You have a few options available, including:

  • Hire a Civil Attorney: Hiring an attorney’s office for an hourly fee to fill out and file the appropriate paperwork. This process can be cumbersome, expensive and lengthy which may not be an option if you have a rapidly approaching summons response deadline or on a limited budget.
  • Do-It-Yourself: Leveraging a service such as SummonsResponse.com which provides summons response templates system for all 50 states enabling you to prepare your response to a summons correctly and efficiently. Just answer a few questions and printout your completed forms within minutes.

When answering a summons, it is critical to file the correct forms with the court within the respective allotted time frame. Do not allow a default judgment.

How do I Respond to a Summons?

How do I respond to a summons?How Do I Respond To a Summons?

If you have been served a court summons, you may be confused about what steps you need to take next. Do you need to hire attorney? Or, is this something that you can handle on your own?

While you can hire an attorney to help you draft the necessary answer to the complaint, this pathway can be expensive and cumbersome. A cost effective and efficient alternative to hiring an attorney is to follow a proven do-it-yourself process. With proper guidance, you can fill out a summons response template appropriate for your respective state, file it with the court along with any required fees, and be in compliance with your court case requirements.

When answering a civil complaint, regardless of whether you hire an attorney or work through the process on your own, the most important thing to keep in mind is the court’s stated deadline. If you fail to comply by this date, you are at risk that the opposing party could win a default judgment.

Can I Use a Summons Response Template in my Court Case?

Summons Response TemplateCan I Use a Summons Response Template in my Court Case?

If you have been summoned by a court regarding any number of civil cases involving creditors, collectors, medical companies, individuals or corporate entities, you are responsible for filing a response with the respective court within the stated time frame. If you fail to respond with a summons answer, you could be served with a default judgment in favor of the Plaintiff. This may result in wage garnishment, property liens and/or bank levies.

If you are seeking a cost effective, efficient option to guide you through the process of preparing a summons answer, you can leverage a summons response template. A well prepared template will provide the structure you need to file your summons answer properly with your local court.

Services such as SummonsResponse.com offer such a summons response template as part of their do-it-yourself process. Once you complete the provided questionnaire and print all necessary forms for your case, you are ready to respond to your summons by filing an answer in court and serving the plaintiff. The process is that simple!