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Mediating your case allows you to stay in control of your decisions. 99% of the time it is possible to work out an amicable resolution that will satisfy both parties. In turn, you will be able to have your lawsuit dismissed and save your permanent record not to mention confidentiality, time and everything that is associated with a standard litigation.

Please consult a mediator for further information:

Right Triangle Mediation - A truly affordable and accessible service for consumers. Divorce, collection, civil and commercial dispute resolution.

Association for Conflict Resolution - Giving voice to the choices for quality conflict resolution. - Largest mediation resource on the internet.


In very extreme situations, bankruptcy might be the answer, but you should know that filing bankruptcy is just one among many options for recovering from financial setbacks. In order to make the best decision for your situation and future, you need to educate yourself about all your options for filing bankruptcy and then take action as soon as possible.

To speak to a bankruptcy attorney and get a free consultation, just call toll free at 1-855-538-4085. You will get an immediate response and have all your questions answered right away! Bankruptcy Center - Everything you need to know about bankruptcy, as well as other alternatives for managing your debt.

US Bankruptcy Court - Information and videos on different aspects of the federal bankruptcy laws.


It is always a good idea to get legal advice about your case. There are many ways to receive help and some of these sources are listed below:

American Bar Association - Largest voluntary professional association in the world providing services to almost every area of the legal profession. - Every Legal issue. One Legal resource. - A directory of attorneys and agencies.


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