Filling Out an Answer to a Civil Suit Summons & Complaint

Civil Suit Summons and Complaint Answer.You have been served with a civil suit summons and complaint, now what?

Do not panic. Remain calm and write down the date the lawsuit documents have been served onto you. As you will see on the paperwork, you will only have a limited number of days from the service date to file a response. Remember that the clock starts ticking from the moment you receive your civil suit summons and complaint, not from the date that the suit has been filed.

At this point you must comply with the court deadline in order to avoid a default judgment and all the forthcoming consequences.  Just by answering your summons you are not forfeiting any rights. You are simply letting the plaintiff and the court know that you acknowledge the lawsuit. After you fill out your answer and serve the plaintiff with the necessary paperwork as well as file a copy of such civil suit response forms with the court, you can start thinking of your plan of action. This can include everything from a settlement to full blown defense case.

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Note: Do not ignore your civil suit summons & complaint. Failure to respond will lead to a default judgement against you which may result in wage garnishment, property liens and bank levies among other legal actions to collect the judgment amount. It is crucial to file your answer within the amount of time allowed by the judgment which is why we urge you to act immediately.