Answering Your Civil Court Summons in 6 Easy Steps

Answering Your Civil Court Summons in 6 Easy StepsAnswering Your Civil Court Summons in 6 Easy Steps

1. Fill in Defendant information.

2. Enter Plaintiff and Trial Info

3. Mark all applicable Exempt Income, if any.

4.Answer each pleading complaint paragraph with three options.

5. Add Affirmative Defenses, if any.

6. Review and print your documents.

When you use to fill out an answer for your civil suit, you will have detailed instructions on each one of the sections as well as a 3 minute video tutorial to review. Remember, is not an attorney service, so if you need further assistance with your summons response, please contact a legal professional.

Automated Summons Response System

SummonsResponse.comIf you search the internet for words like, answer summons, how to respond to a summons, I have been served, summons respond and alike, you will find several companies offering their services. Among which is So how do you choose which one to use?

The answer is simple. All of the other services only offer you an e-book solution on how to write an answer to your summons. In other words they give you directions which you have to go through, understand and then maybe be able to create an identical document. All of this takes time and often causes frustration with what already is a pretty stressful situation. is the only automated system on the internet which guides you through a series of questions and then creates the summons answer forms for you. All you have to do it follow simple prompts and at the end of the process print out your summons response documents and file them with the court as well as serve the plaintiff. No books to read. No files to generate on your own. Easy. Fast. Affordable. Reliable.

Don’t let the plaintiffs win the case by default. Answer your summons today and do it simply.

Answering a Homeowner Association Lawsuit Summons

Homeowner association summons responseWhen being sued by a homeowner association there are several things to consider. First you must keep in mind that most likely the HOA has already placed a lien on the property and is now looking to get the judgment for monetary compensation. Even if you no longer live in the same condominium or townhouse you should still take this case very seriously.

Sometimes the back fees to the HOA may be a part of the sales agreement and will not be handled by you, but rather the buyer of your previous residence. However, if you were foreclosed or performed a short sale this may not apply. You should contact the bank, your real estate agent or anyone else who assisted you in the process of selling your property to get more information. Regardless, you should file an answer in order to at least buy your self some more time. Searching for apartments in roxborough can be a hard process but it doesnt have to be if you let us help you out!

If you still reside in the property, then things are a bit more difficult. Here your only recourse is to either negotiate a resolution or appear in court. Either way response to your summons will go a long way. In the response you’ll be able to mention any exempt income you have and address affirmative defenses which may apply to your situation. Most importantly you will avoid a default judgment.

As always, just because you answer your summons doesn’t mean you are admitting to anything. The sole purpose here is to summons respond in order to notify the court and the plaintiffs that you are aware of the suit and will deal with it. 

Answering a summons with exempt income

exempt incomeMany people who get served with a credit card lawsuit or a lawsuit for a debt and collection may have what is known as exempt income. Examples of such income can be social security, pension, retirement, and many other forms of such. It is very important, when filling out your summons response to include the exempt income form with your court answer. Doing so will notify the plaintiffs as well as the court of your financial situation. When you site your exempt income in the summons answer forms you make sure that this income will not be touched in the garnishment process, if such process will take place. It matters a great deal as to how to answer a court summons.

How to reply to a summons video tutorial.

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later. Video Tutorial walks you through all the steps you will take when using our system and answers the question, “How to respond to a summons?”.

This simply 3 minute video will show you everything you need to know to on the steps you will take in your process to generate a reply to summons quickly and easily. Watch it before clicking the “Get Started” button to make your experience as comfortable as possible.